SMART Brain Training

SMART brain training is a scientifically developed breakthrough in educational training that has been proven in published scientific research to raise intelligence levels by 20 - 30 IQ points (measured using IQ tests).

Brain Health Matters

Children, adults, seniors, families and schools all use our training to learn easier and faster. SMART brain training can also help with general developmental and other learning difficulties.

Scientific evidence

Scientific Evidence

SMART is based on the new scientific discovery that "relational skills" underlie most forms of intelligence. We help you enhance your relational skills and your intelligence goes up... and up. Our team has helped develop Relational Frame Theory over the past two decades.

School Program

School Brain Training

We provide our intellectual and brain training skills solution for schools so that teachers can help kids overcome intellectual challenges, oversee progress and ensure a good foundation of logical reasoning that is transferable to life and academic work.

Free IQ Assessment and Free Brain Training Lessons

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