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Brain Training : What Is A Relational Skill?

A relational skill is a skill involved in understanding the relationship between things in the world. Understanding the relationships between a set of cousins, or understanding that a particular group of plants are all of the same kind (e.g., flowers), or understanding that a Poodle is a type of dog but a dog is not a type of poodle, are all examples of basic relational skills. But of course, they get more complicated than this. The relational skills you need to understand high level mathematics or to read and speak well, are more advanced skills. SMART brain training teaches a range of basic but crucial relational skills and brings your relational skills to expert levels, so that all intellectual tasks come easier. SMART brain training makes you a faster and better learner, it helps new information make more sense, and helps you think more clearly.

Why Is SMART “Brain Training” different?

SMART is not like any other form of brain training, and at RaiseYourIQ we use the term "brain skills training" , or a behavioural training course.
SMART Brain Training has been developed by education leaders and published psychologists following over ten years research in schools and university. SMART Brain Training does not work by merely improving working memory or teaching users how to perform well on IQ tests.  Instead, our SMART brain training course teaches the fundamental cognitive skills necessary to improve learning and reasoning in school,business and in everyday life.
SMART Brain Training enhances the entire intellectual skill set.
Some brain training "games" just focus on working memory, the SMART Brain Training course (we want our users to see this as an educational course with real world benefits) covers the 4 key areas of "Intellectual Performance"
(1). Verbal Comprehension - improve ability to listen to a question and draw upon learned information
(2). Perceptual Reasoning - improve ability to examine a problem, organize thoughts, create solutions, and then test them
(3). Processing Speed - increase attention to quickly scan, discriminate between and order visual information
(4). Working Memory - increase the ability to memorize new information, hold it in short-term memory and concentrate

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Brain training for Children

Parents may wonder is brain training suitable for children and students to help improve IQ or to assist them in their education. The idea that our Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is an inherited trait that is fixed for life is a common but mistaken one. The RaiseYourIQ intellectual skills intervention is called SMART training (Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training). We do not teach children and students anything that they can use in their examinations (e.g., how to multiply, the capital of Canada). Instead a RaiseYourIQ course will teach the foundational reasoning skills crucial to vocabulary acquisition and mathematical reasoning. In effect, we are giving kids, students and adults the tools to learn more effectively. Moreover our training re-mediates deficits in these skills bases that cannot be taught at school efficiently without extensive one-to-one assistance, plus SMART can even help children to catch up to and even surpass the population average in intellectual ability. The SMART brain training course can act as a springboard from which future learning occurs across all age groups.

Can Business People Benefit From Brain Training?

Yes, RaiseYourIQ have 1000's of business people using the SMART brain training course. Brain training is used by the business community to help not just with improving IQ and mind mapping but in everyday business interactions such as remembering names, making it easier to learn new information and especially in the area of improved problem solving. Brain training can help teams perform better, sales people improve techniques or even as an online skills course for employees.

What is SMART Brain Training

- Strengthening
- Mental Abilities with
- Relational Training
SMART Brain Training has been developed by RaiseYourIQ from over 10 years education and training research. The founders of RaiseYourIQ; Dr. Bryan Roche and Dr. Sarah Cassidy are education leaders, psychologists and published authors in the field of "Relational Frame Theory". They continue their work and research in this field today. We have not borrowed the SMART science from the experts. We ARE the experts!

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SMART brain training helps you to become expert in some critical cognitive skills, called Relational Skills. These skills underlie just about everything you do in school, at work and in normal day-to-day decision making and problem-solving.

SMART teaches you how to learn.

The SMART brain training course is like any other education or training course, it involves just 30 minutes of effort a few times per week with the end result of improving a range of intellectual skills that underlie just about everything you do in school, work and in everyday life.
We are the only Brain Training company offering online relational skills training based on the tried and tested methods of applied behavior analysis (ABA). These technologies have developed over decades in a research tradition started by the now legendary psychologist B.F Skinner. Skinner was not a brain scientist. He was an expert in the science of learning and teaching. Skinner’s ideas eventually led to the development of supremely successful treatments for a whole range of educational and intellectual deficits including autism spectrum disorders, and his approach taught us how to help individuals reach and surpass their intellectual potential. This makes SMART brain training suitable for children,adults and anyone seeking to reach their potential.

Can Brain Training Be Used in Schools

RaiseYourIQ have a dedicated intellectual skills and brain training solution designed for schools and education environments.
The SMART system allows teachers to asses and train the school students' cognitive abilities

The Formula for Academic Success for ALL children

SMART training was developed across two decades by education leaders and published psychologists specifically to establish the basic skills required for effective learning in the areas of reading, vocabulary and mathematics. The co-founders of RaiseYourIQ - Dr. Sarah Cassidy and Dr. Bryan Roche still work in education research and academia today. All children need to learn the same basic skills sets in order to learn well and thrive in school. At RaiseYourIQ we call these essential skills “relational skills”. In numerous published studies, these relational skills have been implicated in creative problem solving, reading and mathematical ability. But SMART brain training is not just for kids with learning problems. SMART allows every child and student to reach their full intellectual potential.
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What Does Brain Training Involve?

The SMART brain training course from RaiseYourIQ is divided into levels with blocks of questions. The course involves teaching the user how to answer blocks of logical questions, first with feedback – and then on their own without any help. There is 30 seconds to answer each question. During training blocks we tell you whether or not your answer is correct. During test blocks you need to answer all of the questions on your own. Once you pass a test, you move on to the next level. You progress like this through the levels, collecting points as you go. You even get bonus points for revising stages you have passed before, because the more you revise the smarter your brain will get. The course should take between three to six months to complete.

Completing the SMART brain training course

The RaiseYourIQ SMART brain training course ideally should be completed in a three to six month time-frame. While we use gamification as the online delivery method, we want our customers and students to use and budget for our brain training course the same as you would any other education or skills training course. It has a beginning and an end, it includes assessments,feedback and measure the users progress from start to finish.
SMART brain training teaches people how to learn.
Our goal is for every user to complete the course, raise their IQ levels and bring this new found brain fitness into their everyday lives; be it academic,business or self-growth. The first module is absolutely free which also includes the free assessment.
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Is brain training just for doing IQ tests?

No. Brain training is about giving you the skills to learn better whether for school,business or professionally. Nothing in the RaiseYourIQ brain training course looks anything like a question on an IQ test, and we focus on training our users in the relational skills they will need in order to think more intelligently. However, our users experience dramatic IQ rises after completing our SMART brain training course, because they are better able to understand and answer complex logical questions of any type whether for education,business or life learning.

Who is RaiseYourIQ

RaiseYourIQ is lead by its co-founders; Dr Bryan Roche and Dr. Sarah Cassidy. Both are psychologists, education leaders and published authors in the field of "Relational Frame Theory".
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.To find out more about the science behind the SMART brain training course click here Brain Training Science

Will brain training help with dyslexia?

Although we did not explicitly design SMART brain training for helping people with dyslexia (we have separate products in production for this), 2 people who completed our most recent study had their diagnoses professionally revised in follow up assessments after completing our brain training course. Their reading improved so much that a diagnosis of Dyslexia was no longer applicable. This is because Dyslexia is a relational skill problem involving a lowered ability to sequence words and letters in the correct order. SMART brain training makes users expert in paying attention to the order in which words and letters are presented, and in thinking logically as they read complicated questions.

How long does it take to complete the brain training course?

You should target to complete the brain training course in a three to six month time-frame depending on your schedule and progress. Think of our brain training program as you would any education or skills improvement course. The RaiseYourIQ SMART brain training course has been designed by our psychologists and educational team as an educational skills program. RaiseYourIQ platform includes IQ assessments,feedback and measuring your progress from start to finish.

SMART brain training teaches people how to learn.
We help our students to complete the course, improve their IQ levels and bring this new found brain health into their everyday lives; be it for work,school or self improvement. The first 15 stages are absolutely free with no credit card required plus it also includes the free assessment to check your current IQ level.
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Brain training for kids with above average or high IQs?

Parents often ask us, will our SMART brain training course be of benefit to gifted children. Our reply is a resounding Yes, as SMART brain training will raise the general intelligence of an above average or even a genius child. This is because there is no limit to how relationally skilled anyone can become. Our brain training course allows infinite improvement because users are encouraged to regularly revise stages of training that they have already mastered, and this helps them become more accurate and faster in solving problems. Even after completion they can continue to train at their own convenience. Our child users typically attain at least a typical adult level of logical reasoning and ability following their training.

Brain training for adults with above average or high IQ

The SMART brain training makes users expert in logical reasoning to a level that is well beyond that of the average adult. Your current IQ can always be higher and SMART is useful no matter what your starting intelligence level. This is because there is no limit to how relationally skilled a user can become. Our brain training course allows infinite improvement because users are encouraged to regularly revise stages of training that they have already mastered, so they not only become more accurate in their answers to our questions, but also become faster in solving problems. Even after completion, users can continue to train at their own convenience.

SMART brain training for intellectual improvement

The SMART brain training course teaches core relational skills across modules that will improve memory, intellectual cognition plus the raise the user's skills in;
- Using vocabulary
- Understanding word meaning
- Grasping basic and advanced logic
- Remembering information
- Using numbers for mathematics

How will I know if my IQ has improved with SMART brain training?

At the beginning of your SMART brain training course we ask every customer to take what we call a Relational Abilities Test. This test has been devised in laboratory research to give us a measure of your intelligence. This test takes around 20 minutes to complete. We know from extensive research and study groups that scores on this test correlate well with tests of general intelligence for children, adults and the elderly. (Full IQ tests cannot be administered online for legal and ethical reasons, as well as the fact that their accuracy would be difficult to determine). When SMART brain training is completed after several weeks (approximately 10-12 weeks) we again assess our customers' Relational Abilities in order to calculate their intellectual improvement. Our research suggests that for every 2% improvement in relational abilities score, you can expect to see around a 1 point increase in general intelligence as measured by a standard intelligence test (only available from a qualified psychologist). With this information we can help you work out how much your IQ has risen as a result of SMART training. Apart from the improvement in relational ability or IQ, by completing the SMART brain training course your brain will have benefited enormously from all of the learning and brain practice that you have put in to your SMART training. The increase in your relational skills will help you in every aspect of your learning and problem soling.

Is SMART Brain Training for Kids and Adults the same?

The brain training methods in both SMART Kids and SMART Adult are the same. However the SMART brain training course for children has backgrounds and animated characters that make it a lot more fun learning experience for children and big kids.Regardless of whether you want to raise your IQ for school,business or personal development, the SMART brain training course should take between 3 and 6 months to complete.

Will I be learning maths or reading if I sign up for SMART?

No! SMART brain training is a problem solving course involving a series of games – the problems are short and logical. What SMART does is teach you how to learn and how to think clearly and logically. We don’t actually teach you any information about maths or anything else!. But SMART makes learning and understanding everything much easier.

What are Brain Training Exercises?

Brain training exercises are designed to improve the ability of the brain to learn faster and easier. Brain training exercises are similar to revision sessions in school or on a business presentation. Revision is about being asked to repeat and re-learn information, facts, and formulas. The difference in a brain training session is that the focus is on strengthening the weak areas of the brain. So brain training exercises really challenge the brain by gradually building up the complexity of the lessons over time. Here is an example of a brain training exercise. Try it for yourself.
If an object B is larger than another object C,and an object A is larger than B, and an object D is smaller than object C, is D less than or more than A?
. To learn more and get 15 free brain training sessions plus a free IQ assessment click here.
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Brain Training Free?

Yes. RaiseYourIQ offers anyone 2 ways to get brain training free lessons. The first way is to sign-up for a free trial. The first 15 lessons on the SMART brain training course are free which includes an IQ assessment test, apart from your email address no other information or credit card is required. Most of our students find this the easiest way to experience how brain training will help raise IQ levels and improve intelligence.The second way is to download our "brain training free lessons" from our blog. This brain training is a series of questions in a PDF document that you can print off. No registration or information is required, just download and start working that brain fit. Click here Brain Training Free Lessons

Will Brain Training Improve My Child's IQ

SMART brain training from RaiseYourIQ can help improve children's IQ. In a recent study group carried out by the psychology team at RaiseYourIQ, eight educationally challenged children started our brain program with an average IQ of 82 (using the WISC IV), well below the average score of around 100. Following the completion of the course, these IQs were moved on average to 96, well within the average IQ range while two had their IQ raised to high average ranges. These raised IQs have been maintained four years since the trial (see Roche, Cassidy and Stewart, 2013)..

Can I use SMART brain training on my iPad?

Yes. SMART brain training site has been optimized to work on iPad and other portable computer devices. It also works across all browsers including Safari, Chrome, Explorer and Firefox. All the lessons and progress are stored on your account regardless of what device or app you are using to access RaiseYourIQ site.

Can Brain Training help with Education

Yes. Brain training teaches kids and students how to learn better. Teachers, students and schools can use SMART brain training cross curriculum to improve IQ and also improve a range of "relational skills" including better vocabulary skills, improved memory retention and brain processing speed. Education interventions based on training relational skills have been shown in published research to impact intellectual ability scores (measured using the WISC) and independent research into relational skills have shown that our ability to understand abstract relations corresponds to scores on standard IQ tests (e.g., the WAIS and Kaufman’s brief intelligence test).
The identification of relational skills as the basic building blocks of intelligence means that educational efforts will be more effective, so that all children including disadvantaged children can reach their educational potential and adults can reach beyond their assumed intellectual limits.

Can Brain Training Help Seniors

Published research shows that brain training can help seniors and adults to maintain a healthy brain. Psychologists and neuroscience insights show that brain cell connections really do grow in response to stimulation and that stimulated brain areas are measurably better developed as a result. SMART brain training is also helping people with early Alzheimer's disease to retain cognitive functions. Scientists have documented that brain training of deeper level thinking carries over into untrained brain areas allowing seniors and adults to more effectively assimilate, manage and utilize information. This shows how tied together brain health and physical health are. People of all ages are finding that brain training provides benefits for a robust brain function and also preventing cognitive decline.

Can I Increase or Improve my Intelligence?

People who have completed the SMART brain training course have seen an average 20-50 point increase or improvement in intelligence or IQ (in both formal IQ tests and IQ assessments). The whole principal and science behind RaiseYourIQ is teaching people how to learn easier. So mathematics, reasoning,problem solving memory recall and verbal comprehension become easier to understand hence working the brain fitter. The proof of this process lies in taking a pre and post IQ assessment test which is free at RaiseYourIQ. Many of our users take SMART brain training to help in education, exams, work tests and IQ tests like MENSA.

Brain Training App

SMART brain training is much more than a brain training app, it is a complete brain training course delivered in a game format. The user can conduct the course online on most computer devices. SMART brain training is a game based learning solution to improve intelligence. It has been developed by published authors and educational psychologists following over 10 years scientific research into IQ at NUIM University. Each brain training course is divided into modules, each module has a series of intellectual games which get progressively harder as the brain fitness levels improve. Every brain training course comes with a free trial and IQ assessment test with no hidden catches.

Brain Fitness

To key to brain fitness is to schedule in a few times a week to complete the modules on the SMART brain training course. The fitter your brain becomes, the easier learning becomes. Brain training is all about having a fitter brain, it does take time and effort and over the course of the 12-16 weeks on average it takes to complete the SMART course users will see a marked improvement to how psychologists measure brain fitness namely, thinking ability, ability of the brain to focus better and improved memory skills. Think of brain fitness like a gym membership, you make best use of it when you make the time to exercise.

Brain Training Games

Brain training games are great fun but kids,parents and teachers should also know that computer-based brain training exercises significantly improve the brains ability to focus and so learn more. The SMART Brain training course will be fun yet rewarding as it is scientifically proven to raise IQ while improving working memory along with verbal comprehension, mental processing speed and language skills. SMART brain training has been developed by educational psychologists and is based on over 10 years clinical research. More and more research is now proving conclusively that brain training has wide ranging health, self-improvement and educational benefits.

How does Brain Training work?

Brain training works to enhance intelligence (IQ) along with other cognitive abilities. What separates SMART brain training is our scientific research into the very specific tasks that stimulate the brain in such a way that it leads to improvements in general brain health and intellectual functioning. Research in the field of Relational Frame Theory (Hayes, Barnes-Holmes & Roche, 2001) has shown that understanding relations, such as more than, less than, opposite, same, before, after, here-there, amongst others, is crucial for intellectual development in just about every sphere. In fact, they are so crucial that researchers have reported in published scientific research papers that we can measure intelligence simply in terms of one’s ability to understand these relations (or what we call “relational ability”). RaiseYourIQ brain training is a skills focused course as it teaches a range of crucial relational skills and brings our relational skills to expert levels, so that all intellectual tasks come easier. SMART brain training gives people the ability to learn faster and better, it helps new information make more sense, and helps the brain think more clearly.

What are Brain Games?

Brain games or brain training games is an education method using gamification to improve IQ or intelligence in kids or adults. While the brain training is delivered in a game format, the underlying science uses research based data that transforms psychology developed learning tools into games that trains the brain to learn better,faster and absorb information quicker. At RaiseYourIQ we see brain games as more educational than entertainment. The SMART brain training games are based on clear evidence that living in an enriched environment with lots of mental stimulation produces positive brain changes. So brain training games are a series of questions,puzzles and exercises to work the brain over a period of time with the end result of improving intelligence.

Kids Learning Games

Kids learning games should teach a range of cognitive skills to they can learn easier across a broad spectrum of curriculum topics. Brain training as a learning game will help kids not just with improving their IQ but also with reading,language,mathematics and problem solving. Before kids learn, we believe as parents and teachers we should teach kids HOW to learn. How to learn involves training the brain how to reason,absorb information and improve working memory. Brain training as a kids learning game can help children of all intellectual ability to reach their true ability.

Teaching Resources - Brain Training in Schools

RaiseYourIQ has developed a teaching resources section using brain training in the classroom and school.SMART training teaches students how to learn. The RaiseYourIQ intellectual skills intervention is called SMART training (Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training). Brain training does not teach students anything that they can use in their examinations (e.g., how to multiply, the capital of Peru). Instead SMART brain training teaches the foundational reasoning skills crucial to vocabulary acquisition and mathematical reasoning. In effect, giving students the tools to learn more effectively. Moreover as a teaching resource,brain training re-mediates deficits in these skills bases that not only cannot be taught at school efficiently without extensive one-to-one assistance, but can even help children to catch up to and even surpass the population average in intellectual ability. Brain Training For Schools

Learning Game

Teachers and schools use brain training as a fun yet educational learning game to improve kids IQ. A published research paper (Cassidy, Roche & Hayes, 2011) described how a range of different children (four normally developing and eight educationally challenged) were provided with SMART brain training as a learning game on a computer in once to twice weekly sessions lasting approximately 90 minutes across several months. IQ tests (WISC III) were administered before the relational training and several weeks following the completion of training. The results showed the average IQ was raised to over 130, which is called high functioning or exceptional. This means that these children’s intellectual ability was moved from average range to within the top 2% of the population simply by using brain training as a learning game. Any parent,teacher or psychologist is welcome to contact us for a full copy of this report.

Help with Head Space and Mindfulness?

SMART brain training can work with your head space to improve mindfulness and overall brain health. Brain training develops a stronger, fitter brain that is better able to cope with business,stress and life challenges. Brain training works by improving the brains function in regards to problem-solving, learning capacity, promoting positive thinking and improving mood. A fitter brain has less stress and is in more control of decision making. Teachers can use brain training as mindfulness exercises to help kids, including those with ADHD, anxiety and autism, regulate behavior and focus on learning. SMART brain training can help business people right down to kids deal with the everyday difficulties of today's lifestyles.

Gamification in Business

Gamification in business can be used to train, test, assess, develop and motivate employees. Brain training as a gamification tool for business can work to increase the intellectual brain power of a team or group. Brain training can be applied to testing employees IQ, improve problem solving, raise intellectual horsepower, sales training and in improving the overall learning capability within the business. Given the recent engagement numbers released from Gallup, showing 71 percent of workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their work, brain training as a gamification tool is a fun, rewarding and beneficial way to reconnect employees. Brain training has both intellectual and health impact as healthy, fitter brains have been scientifically proven to be happier and more open to learning new ways to accomplish tasks. Brain training is a super learning and brain development tool for any business person.

Learning help with homework and school

SMART brain training is a fun learning tool designed to help kids of all ages learn better and faster. It is an ideal homework aid to improve all aspects of cognitive functions including those with learning difficulties. Our brain training exercises can also help with learning problems for children or adults with ADD and ADHD. Whether you are an outstanding student with a high IQ or a struggling student, "SMART brain training" will give you powerful mental tools that will help you learn more effectively across any school or educational subject. SMART brain training teaches kids or adults "How to Learn" and will teach how to learn more deeply and with less frustration. Brain training can help improve learning in many different subjects and skills, whether it is language or mathematics, music, science,physics or psychology.

Can Brain Training be used in Special Education Teaching?

SMART brain training is an ideal teaching tool in special education as it teaches a range of crucial relational skills that help to sharpen intellectual ability with proven results in children with learning difficulties and ADHD. When a persons "relational skills" are improved, research and results show all intellectual tasks come easier. Relational skills training helps kids and students to become a faster and better learner. It helps new information make more sense, and helps the person think more clearly. Published research shows that SMART training increases the IQ scores (i.e). the standard measure of intelligence level) of users by at least 10, and up to around 30 points, which represents a highly significant increase in intellectual ability.

N Back Training

RaiseYourIQ offers n-back training for free as part of the SMART brain training course. N back is a brain performance task for memory and intelligence that is used as an assessment tool in cognitive neuroscience to measure working memory or fluid intelligence. The free RaiseYourIQ N-Back training is scientifically proven to improve the brains working memory and when combined with SMART brain training course can raise IQ levels by over 30 points.

What is Dual N-Back?

Dual N-Back is a brain training game or memory game that focuses the user to concentrate. N Back training consists of one item on the game board, the item then appears in different positions on the game board during each turn. 1-N means that you have to remember the position of the item, 2-N means that you have to remember the position of the item TWO turns back, and so on. The load factor N can be adjusted to make the game harder or easier. So N-back is really a memory test game where n refers on how many previous stimuli must be remembered. RaiseYourIQ includes N-Back training free with every SMART brain training course.

What are brain teasers?

Brain teasers are a series of questions and puzzles to improve working memory in adults or kids.Brain teasers are a great fun way to get our brain learning and exercising. While fun, brain teaser games play important part in improving cognitive functions, thinking skills and IQ levels.Brain teasers are a great way to stay mentally sharp and challenge your intellect. RaiseYourIQ includes a number of free brain teaser games as part of our SMART brain training course.

Can I improve IQ with brain games?

Formal IQ testing has show significant improved IQ and memory performance in both kids and adults following the completion of SMART Brain Training. All the brain games are designed to work on the building blocks of a persons intelligence to improve the rate people learn at. Lasting improvement in IQ is more than just memory recall so SMART brain training is designed to work on verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, the brains processing speed and working memory. These 4 areas when training together over a period of time leads to long last real IQ improvement. Drop us an email if you would like more information on our studies into brain health.

Memory Games

Memory or mind games are a superb way to train the brain to increase intelligence levels and improve attention skills. Memory games are very beneficial in business,sales or any profession where memory recall such as names, data, events or information is important. RaiseYourIQ offers a number of free memory games including "Brain Speed" "Brain Agility" and Brain Memory" to all users including the award winning N-Back brain game. All our memory games have been developed by our own educational psychologists in conjunction with published neuroscientists and academics.

Improve Memory

Improve memory processing, IQ levels and intellectual development by sending your brain on a course. Improve the memories recall skills like names or the who, what, where, and when of events. SMART Brain Training works on both short-term (or working) memory and long-term (episodic or semantic) memory. Our own research shows that while memory or intelligence is malleable in that it tends to decay with age, it can be addressed by keeping the brain sharp. The brain and memory will benefit from the simple things like reading or to the more challenging endeavor of brain training. Why not challenge your brain with exercises designed by educational psychologists and neuroscientists to improve memory and attention.

Tutoring and Homework Help using Brain Training

SMART brain training can be used as a tutoring and homework aid as it works across school curriculum to make learning mathematics, languages,reading and science easier. SMART brain training acts like an online tutor, showing kids how to learn faster and easier no matter what the topic. SMART brain training has been developed by educational psychologists following over 10 years of research and is now scientifically proven to raise IQ by 20-30 regardless of the child's intellectual development. For more information on the RaiseYourIQ team, and the science behind SMART brain training please read our web section of "What is SMART"

AARP Brain Games V SMART Brain Training

AARP games are a series of free fun games, SMART Brain training is a brain training course which has been developed by psychologists to raise IQ. We also have a free bonus bundle of brain games much like AARP but our focus is on improving peoples intelligence levels by approaching it with science and clinical data. We are all passionate about improving brain health and wellness for a happier more rewarding life. Take a free trial on SMART brain training today or try our free online IQ Test.

ADHD and ADD Brain Training

Brain training is a proven therapy for ADHD and ADD. In a recent study,eight educationally challenged children started the SMART brain training program with an average IQ of 82 (using the WISC IV), well below the average score of around 100. Following the intervention, these IQs were moved on average to 96, well within the average IQ range. Furthermore, in follow up tests SMART Brain training was proven to have a lasting effect on alleviating ADHD within this study group.We work with kids, parents, teachers and psychologists to deliver our brain training intervention skills either in a classroom, clinical or home setting. Contact us for a free trial or any questions you may have.

Definition of Cognitive Skills?

Cognitive skills or abilities is about the brains ability to process thoughts for learning. Cognition skills refers mainly to do with tasks like memory recall, the ability to learn new information, verbal comprehension, speech, the brains processing speed and understanding of written material. The brain is capable of learning new skills across all these areas but education alone sometimes leaves a gap between basic cognitive skills and the cognitive skills needed to reach ones full intellectual potential. The ability to learn and make sense of new information is crucial to successful learning in both adults and children, which is why SMART brain training is so highly recommended.

How to do cognitive skills training

The approach to doing cognitive skills training is to focus on "working memory" as neuroscientists and psychologists believe this to the core cognitive function that language, reasoning, verbal comprehension, problem solving and decision making rely on. RaiseYourIQ offers 2 forms of cognitive skills training - "Relational Skills" and "N-Back" which is a series of tasks that challenge the brain to work. All our brain training exercises help improve the level of information and detail a person can remember over time. This method of cognitive skills training can also improve performance in other problem-solving tasks by strengthening the communication paths between different brain functions.

How to boost Brain Power?

Anyone can boost their brain power as psychologists and science know that our brains are malleable, meaning the brain can absorb new learnings, new information and increase IQ by exercising the mind.Memory loss or decline is not an inevitable part of the ageing process, sending your brain on a training course will boost its power to remember, think, decide,act and learn. Engage your brain with exercises like N-Back (free on RaiseYourIQ) or our "Brain Agility" game (also free on RaiseYourIQ) designed to improve working memory. A few sessions a week will not only build your brain cognitive functions but also has been scientifically proven to increase intelligence levels.

Intellectual Skills

Intellectual skills training has to to with the brains reasoning, analytical, processing and problem-solving skills. Brain training is really intellectual skills training by another term as intellectual skills are what is needed to master tasks the brain performs. Psychologists define intellectual skills as behavioral capability to facilitate the performance of relevant tasks in a business,work or education setting. Intellectual skills training can be applied to most educational or business subjects or indeed psychological related activity to do with memory improvement and cognitive functions.

Brain and Cognitive Skills

Brain and cognitive skills exercises are at the core of the SMART brain training system. Based on over 10 years clinical research in universities and schools, SMART brain training consists of over 70 modules made up of several brain exercises with increasing difficulty levels that target all cognitive skills including verbal comprehension, reasoning, processing speed plus working and long term memory. Brain and cognitive abilities are the brain-based skills we all need to effectively carry out any task from the easiest to the most difficult. Brain training works by improving skill specific changes in the brain which then carry into bigger changes across many different types of skills training and learning ability.IQ tests and results demonstrate that as the brain becomes smarter at a skill, the brain no longer needs to work as hard at it. The brain now shifts to more automatic processing as that skill is learned.

Intellectual Development Help

Intellectual and cognitive development is not limited to children as adults brain functions also continue to grow throughout life stages. Intellectual development is all about our ability to process information,learn, think and understand various strands that surround our living world. Brain training works to improve our cognitive abilities and develop skills in logical reasoning, memory, maths, science, reading, writing and verbal comprehension. RaiseYourIQ has developed the "SMART" platform to help people improve IQ, expand their logic and reasoning abilities while matching thinking and planning abilities with actions.

Special Education Brain Training

SMART brain training works in special education alongside students, parents and teachers to help address a range of learning difficulties. SMART brain training has been used in schools to help children with intellectual challenges and to improve learning across a range of subjects, including reading, writing, mathematics and verbal comprehension. Our intellectual skills intervention is called SMART training (Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training). SMART teaches children the foundational reasoning skills crucial to vocabulary acquisition and mathematical reasoning. In effect, we give students the tools to learn more effectively. Moreover brain training re-mediates deficits in these skills bases that not only cannot be taught at school efficiently without extensive one-to-one assistance, and can even help children to catch up to and even surpass the population average in intellectual ability.

Education Technology Tools

Brain training exercises can be used as online education tools for teachers and kids. Intellectual skills training (brain training) will help teachers teach and kids learn in new ways across the curriculum. Teachers use brain training including right brain training to improve math, science, reading, language, thinking skills,accelerate learning plus help with special education to supplement their classroom materials. Published research shows that SMART training increases the IQ scores (i.e., the standard measure of intelligence levels) of users by at least 10, and up to around 30 points, which represents a highly significant increase in intellectual ability. Also kids with a high starting intelligence can become even more intelligent.

Math Help using Brain Training

Brain training exercises will help in math homework and to improve the brains mathematical ability.SMART brain training significantly enhances fluid intelligence—the fundamental human ability to detect patterns, reason, and learn. SMART brain training is a series of brain training games and puzzles that students can use on their own at home or in a school setting with teacher aid. Our brain training games work to raise IQ while improving non-reasoning brain training tasks which involve attention to detail, maths and interpreting visual information. Non-reasoning brain training tasks are designed to continuously challenge mental performance and therefore maximise the benefits in math learning.

Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills are drastically improved by using brain training. Problem solving and decision making are critical skills in business, teamwork and personal situations so brain training works by strengthening the connection between different types of problem solving methods the brain uses. The brain training exercises work on memory improvement, thinking, planning, logical reasoning, fluid intelligence and processing speed, all components used by the brain in problem solving and understanding complex tasks. The brain training method at RaiseYourIQ is also is scientifically proven to raise IQ by 20-30 points or more.

Mind Mapping

SMART brain training improves mind mapping skills and provides the learning techniques to unlock the potential of the brain. Brain training and mind mapping is about acquiring the skills to clarify thinking, manage complex information and improve visual comprehension. Brian training will help the mind to access more of the brains intelligence for problem solving, planning, memory recall and logical reasoning. As brain training also works the brain fitter brainstorming and solution identification become easier. RaiseYourIQ have some free brain games especially created to improve mind and memory mapping skills.

Cognitive Training Exercises

Cognitive training exercises are a series of brain games, tasks and puzzles to be completed by the adult or kid user. Cognitive training (brain training by another name) works to increase fluid intelligence which can be defined as the the ability to solve “on the spot” problems that cannot be performed by relying on previously learned habits. Research has shown large improvement in the brains reasoning skills when people engaged in working memory training while people who consume trivia knowledge via games show no improvement in reasoning skills. Clinical data shows people who complete cognitive training will attain (a) high working memory, (b) high cognition skills while (c) addressing any cognitive deficits.

Free Brain Training Games

RaiseYourIQ includes a number of free brain training games The four free games, “Brain Speed”, “Brain Agility” “Brain Memory” and “N-Back”have all been created by psychologists using our relational skills framework. “Brain Speed” game has been developed to speed up the brains cognitive speed and help people learn to make logical decisions more quickly. “Brain Agility” has been developed to assist with multi-tasking training to improve concentration, attention to detail and reduced distractibility. Brain Memory” focuses on memory enhancement. People will improve memory recall and learn to retain details like names, numbers, data, faces, places, and dates in school and in business.“N-Back” the ultimate brain training game for improving fluid intelligence. Fluid intelligence is a crucial aspect of intelligence that involves applying information creatively in new situations. The N-Back game will help kids and adults move past rote learning and foster the ability to think independently.


The SMART IQ test is free. It is a scientifically valid IQ test developed by psychologists. The basic IQ test consists of 12 random statements to be answered with a report at the end. The advanced IQ test consists of 55 random statements and is a far more accurate report on a persons IQ. On the IQ test the user answers the questions by clicking on the words Yes or No on the screen. At the end of the test you will receive a report containing the correct number of answers and a fluid score. The fluid score is important as it uses an algorithm to determine your brains processing speed. As you progress through the 70 stages on SMART brain training, you can take re-assessments to measure IQ gains.

Brain Training for Children with Special Needs

Brain training can be used by teachers and parents to assist children with special needs to acquire knowledge faster and make learning easier. RaiseYourIQ delivers relation skills training based on our own research into "Relation Frame Theory" which has been found to underpin intelligence. Our SMART brain training course helps to address learning deficits and improve IQ in kids with learning challenges for example in math, verbal reasoning, thinking skills and memory. We have published a number of articles on how we have worked with schools and parents to improve the intellectual capability in kids with special needs and learning difficulties. Please email us for our research and reports into brain training for children.

What is Cognitive Learning?

Cognitive learning is a persons ability to acquire or learn new things and then the ability to process, reason, retain and relate this new information into everyday life or education. Learning is about "Thinking using your Brain", so the fitter the brain is to process information, the better the thinking, problem solving and cognitive skills. Cognitive learning works to underpin academic learning and intelligence levels by improving a child's or adults mental capabilities which opens up the brains ability to successfully learn new information and concepts like science, math, languages, formulas etc.

Exercising the Brain Tips

Exercising the brain to be become fitter and healthier whether for school,education,business or as a life stages choice can also impact on a persons wellness. Brain training exercises the brain by working on enhancing thinking, reasoning and verbal skills. Its important to schedule in brain exercises into a weekly routine , maybe 2 or 3 times a week for thirty to forty minutes per session. Combine brain training with taking the time to read articles, complete some puzzles, crosswords or brain teasers and go for a good long walk. Other good brain exercises is to work on your memory recall, you can find some great free memory training games on your RaiseYourIQ account. Think of the brain as a muscle, keep it active and fit by challenging it to learn new things.

What is IQ?

IQ stands for "Intelligent Quotient" IQ relates to a score that a person or child scores from conducting a IQ test usually delivered by a qualified psychologists to assess level of intelligence. A persons IQ level should be used in conjunction with several intelligence scales and most modern psychologists consider IQ as a general indicator of intelligence. The most used standardised IQ test used today is known as the "WAIS". This IQ test consists of seven verbal tests and seven brain performance tests. IQ is still used in schools, education and business – it can be used as a predictor for academic results and in a corporate setting as a predictor for job performance, usually through the guise of psychometric testing. Also you can read "How is IQ measured" elsewhere in our FAQ's.

How is IQ measured?

IQ is measured on a numerical scale from 1 to over 100. A persons IQ is scored following the completion of a standardized IQ test. An IQ score of under 70 is seen as someone with limited mental ability, whereas a score of 90-109 is taken as a person with normal intelligence levels. An IQ score of 110 or above is seen as above average intelligence and the higher the score would indicate a very gifted or genius person. Many psychologists supported by scientific research believe IQ is a massive oversimplification of a persons true cognitive ability. For a true reflection of intelligence a kid or adult should test for working memory, perceptual reasoning, verbal comprehension and the brains processing speed.Please read more on the science behind RaiseYourIQ.

What is Game Based Learning

Game based learning is delivering education or training content via game experiences. Games based learning creates highly motivated learners who constantly practice skills such as reasoning, memory recall and problem solving. For the user or learner it is an fun yet challenging interactive experience that actively engages them in the learning process so they can see the connection between the learning experience and school or business work via progress charts or tests. Brain training is a game based learning tool that delivers improvement in intelligence levels, increases IQ and makes learning math or science easier. Brain training learning via games improves children or adults ability to process information and use logical reasoning in real world scenarios.

Brain fitness exercises

Brain fitness exercises are really intellectual skills development. Intellectual development like the "brain memory" game on RaiseYourIQ will enhance memory and cognitive skills. Designed by psychologists all the RaiseYourIQ brain training games work to improve the brains fitness levels leading to scientifically proven gains in thinking skills, information processing, fluid intelligence and reasoning skills. These intellectual development areas lead to an overall increase in IQ which can be used as a measure to see how fit or healthy the brain has become over a period of time. RaiseYourIQ includes a pre and post IQ assessment as well as ongoing intelligence assessment as the brain fitness routine progresses through the various learning stages in our intellectual brain training skills course.

Games to Increase IQ

Increase IQ, fluid intelligence and cognitive functions with a series of games that trains the brain to improve a range of intellectual skills. The IQ games or brain training is a course covering over 70 stages divided into modules. Each module works a different cognitive function and gets gradually more difficult as the user progresses. The IQ games include "N-Back Training" "Brain Speed" "Brain Agility" and "Brain Memory. These four brain training IQ games together with the 70 stage SMART Brain Training from RaiseYourIQ is the most comprehensive and scientifically proven method to raise IQ by anywhere from 10 to 50 points.

Improve Concentration and Focus

Brain training exercises improve concentration, focus and memory. At RaiseYourIQ we see improving concentration as learning a skill which requires practice whether it is for school, business, work or help with ADHD. The RaiseYourIQ brain games which work to improve concentration, focus and memory are "Brain Speed" and "Brain Memory" , the user will see a big improvement in these cognitive areas after 4 to 8 weeks brain training. Over the training period the brain learns to ignore distractions, prioritize information and focus on detail plus a marked improvement in the brains attention skills which are needed to improve working memory. Upon completion of the brain training, the brain is more productive and tests will prove an improvement in IQ by 20-50 points.

Increase Intelligence Training

Increase intelligence training is designed to work on raising IQ (verified by pre and post IQ tests) and also improving working memory, the brains processing speed and perceptual reasoning. IQ or Intelligence is not a fixed trait and can be improved. Scientific evidence shows that intelligence training using SMART brain training from RaiseYourIQ will not only raise IQ but also sharpen the users ability to retain information, think and reason at a higher level. Intelligence is important in business, education and career choices as research shows that having a high IQ score on standardized tests is linked to having a high score on other important tests the user may take including "Placement tests", "SAT" and "ACT" tests.

Improve IQ Test Score

Improve IQ test score via a standardized IQ test is one of the measures to validate brain training success. Most people improve their IQ by 20-30 points but improvements by 50 points is a regular occurrence following the completion of the SMART brain training course. How to improve IQ takes practice and regular scheduled brain training sessions where the brain completes a series of ever increasing in complexity challenges which not only improves the brains fluid intelligence but also working memory, processing speed and problem solving skills. IQ test scores are still used in industry and business while most educational entrance exams would mirror IQ tests.

Mental Health Well Being and Brain Training

Mental health well being and mindfulness can be improved by brain training. Brain training exercises will enhance the mind in cognitive areas of learning skills,problem solving skills, working memory and fluid intelligence. Brain training contributes to mental well being as it helps the user to reach his or her full intellectual ability, helps people reach their full potential by making learning easier, trains the brain to deal with data,information and logic. A healthy, active brain brings a sense of well being and as brain training is scientifically proven to raise a child or adults IQ, coping and understand life's, school or business challenges becomes easier.

Math and Reading Games in Brain Training

Brain training can help develop building blocks needed for maths and reading improvements in school. In an independent clinical trial carried out on behalf of RaiseYourIQ, eight children with intellectual difficulties started the SMART brain training with an average IQ of 82, well below the average IQ score of 100. Following training in basic relational skills that are foundational to verbal (reading) and numerical (math) ability, these IQs were moved to an average of 96, well within the normal range. Another four normally developing children in the same study had an average IQ of 105, but this was raised above 130 following three to four months of brain training. These kids moved from the normal to the “high functioning” range in a period of a few months as assessed by an IQ test

Can I increase intelligence?

Intelligence or IQ is not set for life. Anyone can increase their intelligence levels and IQ scores by training the brain to better learn regardless of age. Working the brain to improve memory processing speed, problem solving and reasoning skills all contribute to increasing intelligence levels. The acquisition of intellectual skills alongside the ability to read and comprehend, is known as crystallized intelligence, and with practise or interventions like brain training will improve with age. Research has shown that online cognitive training designed to improve attention, working memory, and brain control has shown enormous gains in improving intellectual performance, especially in fluid intelligence. So Yes, any child or adult can increase intelligence with training.

What is SMART brain training software

SMART brain training software from RaiseYourIQ is based on established principles of learning that have been proven to underlie intellectual development across a wide range of areas (reading, problem solving, reasoning, and so on). The skills that have been identified as underlying most intellectual abilities, are called “relational skills” and our founders (Doctor Bryan Roche and Doctor Sarah Cassidy) have played a key role identifying how “relational skills training” impacts a persons intellectual ability. We then devised the SMART brain training course to teach people these crucial learning skills. Dozens of published studies from several independent laboratories have honed in on the development of relational skills as they key to intellectual development. RaiseYourIQ have also published two experiments which show that IQ can be increased by a large amount using our method – something no other brain training company has done.

Can my gifted child benefit from SMART?

Gifted children often present with as many difficulties as children with lower than average IQ's because typical education systems are targeted at the average range individual. So while a gifted child may already have a very high level of intellectual skills, they may not be expert at organizing their knowledge, at sequencing information or at sustaining attention for long periods of time. Thus they may be able to provide accurate answers, but they may not always be able to provide these answers quickly and succinctly. SMART trains the user in a range of key intellectual skills to a very high level of precision and speed, thus making even a gifted child more fluent at responding to the challenges in their environment.

My computer has frozen or crashed during training. Do I have to complete this stage again?

Unfortunately, yes, because there is no way to start training or a test in the middle of a stage. It may be that you have a slow internet connection or that your computer is suffering from technical problems. The most likely problem is your internet browser. Please make sure you are using the most up to date version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

My child does not appear to be able to complete his/her stages? Should I help him/her through it?

SMART training does require a certain amount of task persistence. If your child does not engage with the programme, they will not benefit from it. So there is no problem with you assisting your child with training, and even sitting with them if necessary. However, it is very important that they are answering the questions and not you. As they will only gain maximum benefit if they are actively engaged with the learning process.

My child is not motivated to complete their stages. What should I do?

Your child will only benefit from this programme if he or she engages with it. While we have “gamified” this program as much as possible, it is after all an educational intervention and not an a form of entertainment. For some children, parents or guardians may need to use some sort of external reward system for getting a child to engage with the program, in the same manner in which a guardian might use an incentive system to encourage a child to complete their homework. Our advice is to use rewards for effort, not just for success, although you may wish to add small extra rewards for completing stages. These rewards should get bigger as the program progresses as they get progressively more difficult. While we have tried to make this leaning as fun as it can be, parents and guardians can do a lot to make a child look forward to their training and to passing stages.

What is the refund policy?

You can cancel from the SMART Brain Training course at any time. This is no long term commitment as most users complete the course in six months or under. If however a user wishes to cancel our refund policy is: Cancellations of accounts within 48 hours of payment will be reimbursed with a penalty of 50% of product cost. Cancellations of accounts more than 48 hours following payment will be penalized at the rate of 100% of product cost.

Is it better to use this program during school breaks or during the school year when my child is in academic mode?

This largely depends on your own individual set of circumstances and on the preferences of your child. Many users have found it best to use the program during the school year because they can then apply everything they are learning to their school or college work and this will make many classes easier for them. However, research from the field of educational psychology also supports the idea that learning takes time to “consolidate” and so training during relaxed periods free from other pressures also has its advantages.One real consideration is that you or your child may have so many activities and so much homework to do during the school term or college semester that fitting in SMART training seems impossible. If this is the case, it can be treated as a fun leisure activity that is done at weekends, holidays breaks and so on. The training may take longer this will but it will be at least as effective if not more so due to being spaced out over a longer period.

Will brain training help my child who has learning difficulties?

Yes, children with both general and specific learning difficulties can use and benefit from the SMART brain training program. Children with a whole host of developmental difficulties will also benefit from this program. SMART brain training is a generic intellectual skills training program that improves the basic cognitive skills we all need to function at our peak. All users start their training with different levels of intellectual ability, but SMART adapts to each user’s learning pace so that each user progresses at exactly the right pace in reaching their full intellectual potential. The generic SMART training is designed with every type of user in mind, so users with any type of learning difficulty should benefit from the program in a general way. However, SMART is NOT intended to be a “cure” for specific learning disorders, even though it may help greatly to improve the intellectual functioning of people with such disorders (e.g., dyslexia, ADHD). It is absolutely fine if a user requires shorter sessions, due to attention problems, or requires someone to read aloud training instructions and quiz questions if that helps. However, if you feel that your child or adult in your care has a mental age of below 8 years, or has such significant attention or behavioural problems that they cannot stay on a learning task for at least 15 minutes at a time, a few times per week, then generic SMART training may not be for you.

Is there a best time of day to do brain training?

While there is no set best time of day, we do recommend doing SMART brain training when you are not overly tired or stressed. We suggest you include your brain training course as part of your weekly schedule if you are an adult or as part of your homework or classwork if you are a child. Try to pick a time of day when you don't have other things competing for your attention or when you are not overloaded with distractions.

Which Brain Training Package To Buy?

Three to six four months is the optimal brain training period to improve IQ, even though some users can complete the programme in quicker time frames. It is important that users give themselves time to apply newly learned skills in their school and work environments to consolidate what they have learned on the SMART Brain Training course. Even where a capable and determined user can finish the programme in 8 weeks, it is advisable that they use our revision modules and speed training modules to extend their training for as long as possible to ensure long lasting results.Some children or individuals with time constraints, learning difficulties or behavioural problems may require 6 or more months to complete the training and purchasing training for a longer period will reduce the pressure to work at an unnatural pace that makes learning aversive. Brain Training Packages

Why do you ask profile questions?

It is very important that we ask our customers to provide certain information that will help us to provide the best possible training service. Remember, the SMART Brain Training course is tailored to each user, so without your profile information we cannot deliver the most effective training for you, and we cannot improve our services and products for other users. You can alter your profile at any stage by choosing from the drop down menu under the Account link at the top of the RaiseYourIQ home page.

How is this training different from the learning support/resource/remedial teaching that my child is already receiving at school?

During typical additional support classes, a teacher will often deliver the same content from the same or a parallel curriculum, but at a slower pace. We do something completely different. We are teaching a child the underlying skills necessary for learning. This will help them in all subject areas, regardless of their current level of ability. They will not learn these skills at school. So there is no reason why your child should not continue to access this support as long as he or she needs and so long as it is available. But our research has shown that people who have completed the SMART program typically need less additional support after training.

What devices will SMART training work with?

Currently SMART training is supported on Macintosh, Windows and Linux operating systems. Most customers will also find that they can do their SMART training on an iPad and iPhone, but we do not currently support the iOS operating system.

Slow or unstable internet connections

SMART training will work fine even over slow internet connections. However, a stable and fast connection is preferable. An unstable connection may cause problems, because upon disconnection from SMART training you are moved back to the start of the training stage on which you are currently working. Please ensure that your internet connection is stable before you begin your SMART training.

Is my internet browser supported by SMART?

SMART training should work on any internet browser, it is optimized for FireFox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8 and 9. If you are having technical problems we recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Is there a Brain Training Free Trial Option?

Yes. Our brain training free trial which includes a free assessment does not need any credit card details. Signing up could not be easier. Simply click on the “get started” button, fill in some details that we will ask you for, and that is it. Start raising your IQ today.Brain Training Free Trial

How do I cancel my account?

If you wish to cancel your brain training course please contact us from your registered e-mail address. We will cancel your account straight away and confirm the cancellation by email. No further payments will be processed. To help RaiseYourIQ further improve our brain training course we would appreciate any feedback you would like to give us regarding why you wish to cancel your account.

How can I contact RaiseYourIQ?

If you cannot find an answer to your brain training questions the quickest way to get a response is the form on the contact us page. Please note that we cannot answer questions regarding individual psychological conditions or learning profiles or offer any kind of psychological advice on line. Please consult your local psychological services if you need guidance on learning disabilities, require psychological assessments and to understand how RaiseYourIQ could benefit. Contact RaiseYourIQ

Why increase my intelligence or IQ?

Intelligence is defined at the ability to learn, understand and make judgments or have opinions that are based on reason. Being intelligent means having the ability to acquire and use knowledge for solving problems and adapting to the world. IQ is simply the unit of measure for expressing the results of intelligence tests. Specifically, IQ is the ratio of a subject’s mental age (as determined by their performance on an intelligence scale) and chronological age. There are many types of intelligence, but only standard IQ predicts your success at school and in work. In fact people with higher IQ scores complete more years in school and have higher status jobs. Recent research has also found that people with higher IQs are also happier and healthier. While you do not need to have a high IQ for its own sake, improving your intellectual ability will help you deal more effectively with school and work challenges, as well as make decisions and solve everyday problems more easily.

What age group can benefit from SMART brain training?

At RaiseYourIQ we recommend that a person needs to have a mental age of at least 8 years of age to be able to engage fully with SMART brain training. There is no upper limit – older adults will benefit from the training, just as young people will. SMART brain training will help keep you at your peak mental performance, whatever your age or profession.

Does SMART Brain Training really work?

The SMART Brain Training course from RaiseYourIQ is developed and run by education leaders and published psychologists. The founders of RaiseYourIQ are Dr. Bryan Roche and Dr. Sarah Cassidy who have used scientific evidence gathered from over 10 years university research to create this online brain training platform. Numerous published studies have proven that the better your relational skills, the higher your IQ will be. Several other published studies have shown how we can best teach relational skills. Published experiments have also shown that relational skills training like SMART brain training are followed by very significant increases in IQ (at least 10 points) that last for several years. These sorts of IQ rises are enough for a slow learner to be re-classified as normal, or for a normal individual to be reclassified as above normal. Please read our Scientific Evidence for more information on SMART Brain Training and a research publication list.

Is it really possible to increase intelligence?

We were once told that intelligence or IQ was fixed for life. However, years of research by doctors and psychologists has lead to the discovery of the importance of relational skills to intelligence and it took several more years to by scientists to figure out how best to teach these skills. Today we know that IQ can in fact be increased by quite a degree. There have also been considerable advances in neuroscience in recent years, that have led psychologists to conclude that the brain itself can be made “fitter” with training and can respond and adapt to improved learning opportunities. Even leading authorities, such as Professor Robert Sternberg, now agree that IQ can be raised.

How often should I do Brain training?

While every user is different, our research suggests that 2-3 times per week for approximately 30-60 minute sessions appears to be optimal brain training for maximum IQ gains. You should NOT brain train more often than three times per week. Your intellectual skills will improve most when brain training is spaced out evenly across a long period of time (i.e., several months at least). In the same way, you will get more physically fit by training in a gym for an hour per day for 20 days, than you will by training for 20 hours all in one day!

Can more than one user in the household use the same SMART account?

No, it is important that each user has a separate account for several reasons. The first reason is that if one user completes early levels and a second user then logs in and tries to work through the higher levels, they will not be able to complete them as they won't have acquired the necessary skills taught earlier in the program. The second reason is that you will not be able to keep track of each individual person's progress if more than one person is using the same account. Our software keeps track of learning rates and provides only ONE intellectual assessment before training, and ONE afterwards. It is not possible for two users to each take these assessments.