How will I know if my IQ has improved with SMART brain training?

Last updated: 20 Jun, 2014

At the beginning of your SMART brain training course we ask every customer to take what we call a Relational Abilities Test. This test has been devised in laboratory research to give us a measure of your intelligence. This test takes around 20 minutes to complete. We know from extensive research and study groups that scores on this test correlate well with tests of general intelligence for children, adults and the elderly. (Full IQ tests cannot be administered online for legal and ethical reasons, as well as the fact that their accuracy would be difficult to determine). When SMART brain training is completed after several weeks (approximately 10-12 weeks) we again assess our customers' Relational Abilities in order to calculate their intellectual improvement. Our research suggests that for every 2% improvement in relational abilities score, you can expect to see around a 1 point increase in general intelligence as measured by a standard intelligence test (only available from a qualified psychologist). With this information we can help you work out how much your IQ has risen as a result of SMART training. Apart from the improvement in relational ability or IQ, by completing the SMART brain training course your brain will have benefited enormously from all of the learning and brain practice that you have put in to your SMART training. The increase in your relational skills will help you in every aspect of your learning and problem soling.

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