Will brain training help my child who has learning difficulties?

Last updated: 20 Jun, 2014

Yes, children with both general and specific learning difficulties can use and benefit from the SMART brain training program. Children with a whole host of developmental difficulties will also benefit from this program. SMART brain training is a generic intellectual skills training program that improves the basic cognitive skills we all need to function at our peak. All users start their training with different levels of intellectual ability, but SMART adapts to each user’s learning pace so that each user progresses at exactly the right pace in reaching their full intellectual potential. The generic SMART training is designed with every type of user in mind, so users with any type of learning difficulty should benefit from the program in a general way. However, SMART is NOT intended to be a “cure” for specific learning disorders, even though it may help greatly to improve the intellectual functioning of people with such disorders (e.g., dyslexia, ADHD). It is absolutely fine if a user requires shorter sessions, due to attention problems, or requires someone to read aloud training instructions and quiz questions if that helps. However, if you feel that your child or adult in your care has a mental age of below 8 years, or has such significant attention or behavioural problems that they cannot stay on a learning task for at least 15 minutes at a time, a few times per week, then generic SMART training may not be for you.

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