What is SMART Brain Training

Last updated: 03 Jul, 2014

SMART STANDS FOR;<br> - Strengthening<br> - Mental Abilities with<br> - Relational Training<br> SMART Brain Training has been developed by RaiseYourIQ from over 10 years education and training research. The founders of RaiseYourIQ; Dr. Bryan Roche and Dr. Sarah Cassidy are education leaders, psychologists and published authors in the field of "Relational Frame Theory". They continue their work and research in this field today. We have not borrowed the SMART science from the experts. We ARE the experts!<br><br> To start a Schools Free Trial click <a href="http://raiseyouriq.com/schools"title="Brain Training for Schools">Brain Training for Schools</a> <br> To start an individual Free Trial click <a href="https://raiseyouriq.com/users/sign_up="Brain Training Free Trial">Brain Training Free Trial</a><br><br> SMART brain training helps you to become expert in some critical cognitive skills, called Relational Skills. These skills underlie just about everything you do in school, at work and in normal day-to-day decision making and problem-solving.<br><br> SMART teaches you how to learn.<br><br> The SMART brain training course is like any other education or training course, it involves just 30 minutes of effort a few times per week with the end result of improving a range of intellectual skills that underlie just about everything you do in school, work and in everyday life.<br> We are the only Brain Training company offering online relational skills training based on the tried and tested methods of applied behavior analysis (ABA). These technologies have developed over decades in a research tradition started by the now legendary psychologist B.F Skinner. Skinner was not a brain scientist. He was an expert in the science of learning and teaching. Skinner’s ideas eventually led to the development of supremely successful treatments for a whole range of educational and intellectual deficits including autism spectrum disorders, and his approach taught us how to help individuals reach and surpass their intellectual potential. This makes SMART brain training suitable for children,adults and anyone seeking to reach their potential.

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