Can Brain Training Be Used in Schools

Last updated: 03 Jul, 2014

RaiseYourIQ have a dedicated intellectual skills and brain training solution designed for schools and education environments.<br> The SMART system allows teachers to asses and train the school students' cognitive abilities<br><br> The Formula for Academic Success for ALL children<br><br> SMART training was developed across two decades by education leaders and published psychologists specifically to establish the basic skills required for effective learning in the areas of reading, vocabulary and mathematics. The co-founders of RaiseYourIQ - Dr. Sarah Cassidy and Dr. Bryan Roche still work in education research and academia today. All children need to learn the same basic skills sets in order to learn well and thrive in school. At RaiseYourIQ we call these essential skills “relational skills”. In numerous published studies, these relational skills have been implicated in creative problem solving, reading and mathematical ability. But SMART brain training is not just for kids with learning problems. SMART allows every child and student to reach their full intellectual potential.<br> For a free school trial visit <a href="http://raiseyouriq.com/schools"title="SMART School Brain Training Platform">School Brain Training Platform</a>

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