Brain Training Free?

Last updated: 26 Aug, 2014

Yes. RaiseYourIQ offers anyone 2 ways to get brain training free lessons. The first way is to sign-up for a free trial. The first 15 lessons on the SMART brain training course are free which includes an IQ assessment test, apart from your email address no other information or credit card is required. Most of our students find this the easiest way to experience how brain training will help raise IQ levels and improve intelligence. The second way is to download our "brain training free lessons" from our blog. This brain training is a series of questions in a PDF document that you can print off. No registration or information is required, just download and start working that brain fit. Click here <a href="http://raiseyouriq.com/blog/brain-training-free-lessons"title="Brain Training Free Lessons">Brain Training Free Lessons</a>

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