Learning Game

Last updated: 17 Sep, 2014

Teachers and schools use brain training as a fun yet educational learning game to improve kids IQ. A published research paper (Cassidy, Roche & Hayes, 2011) described how a range of different children (four normally developing and eight educationally challenged) were provided with SMART brain training as a learning game on a computer in once to twice weekly sessions lasting approximately 90 minutes across several months. IQ tests (WISC III) were administered before the relational training and several weeks following the completion of training. The results showed the average IQ was raised to over 130, which is called high functioning or exceptional. This means that these children’s intellectual ability was moved from average range to within the top 2% of the population simply by using brain training as a learning game. Any parent,teacher or psychologist is welcome to contact us for a full copy of this report.

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