Free Brain Training Games

Last updated: 03 Oct, 2014

RaiseYourIQ includes a number of free brain training games The four free games, “Brain Speed”, “Brain Agility” “Brain Memory” and “N-Back”have all been created by psychologists using our relational skills framework. “Brain Speed” game has been developed to speed up the brains cognitive speed and help people learn to make logical decisions more quickly. “Brain Agility” has been developed to assist with multi-tasking training to improve concentration, attention to detail and reduced distractibility. Brain Memory” focuses on memory enhancement. People will improve memory recall and learn to retain details like names, numbers, data, faces, places, and dates in school and in business. “N-Back” the ultimate brain training game for improving fluid intelligence. Fluid intelligence is a crucial aspect of intelligence that involves applying information creatively in new situations. The N-Back game will help kids and adults move past rote learning and foster the ability to think independently.

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