Social Responsibility Charter

Social Responsibility Charter

Relational Frame Training Ltd. is committed to ethical behavior in both the conduct and purpose of our business.  While we are primarily a business venture, we will always put the delivery of products that better the lives of our customers at the top of our agenda.  
We will adopt the philosophy of the UK Foundation on a New Economics in agreeing to do business as if people and the environment matter.  We understand that business that cannot be conducted ethically is not worth conducting.  We also understand that the law is a wholly inadequate guide to ethics.  We pledge to have ethical standards significantly higher than merely staying within the law. 

We will do better than merely aim to "contribute to sustainable economic development" as a minimum standard of social responsibility as practiced by the World Bank.  Instead, we will engage in actually sustainable business development at every opportunity. 

We will adopt the motto: “We will be Ethically Responsible for the Predictable Consequences of our Actions”.

We will pay all taxes and duties as specified by the law of the land, but also in accordance with the spirit in which they were intended.    

We will treat any employees or contractors in a dignified way, and in a way that enhances their profession rather than exploits it.

We will pay employees fairly and respect them as citizens and as members of families whose dignity is by extension also the inherited ethical responsibility of this company.

We will conduct business in environmentally sound ways.  We will reduce unnecessary travel wherever possible.  Additional travel should be justified by a greater service to the customer and community.  Where proven to be effective, we will engage in carbon offsetting activities.

We will not trade with companies or partner with businesses that do not themselves behave in a way that promotes human dignity and environmental conservation.  This includes our use of financial investment services.  We will invest funds in an ethical manner, so that unethical investments are not made on our behalf by third party banks and other financial institutions.  We will not facilitate third party environmental destruction or human exploitation by using the services of institutions that are not themselves doing everything possible to avoid unethical investments.