What is SMART?

Strengthening Mental Abilities with Relational Training

SMART brain training is a revolutionary Learning and Teaching Tool developed by our own scientific researchers and psychologists. The founders of RaiseYourIQ research into this area of brain science have been published in medical journals worldwide. We even wrote a book on it. The course is based studies into Relational Frame Theory on improving brain health conducted by us and in several Universities in Europe and the USA. We have not borrowed the SMART brain training science from the experts. We ARE the experts in brain training, working every day in education and clinics to understand how to improve brain fitness and IQ levels!

SMART brain training helps kids and adults to become expert in a range of critical cognitive skills, called Relational Skills. These skills underlie just about everything we do in school, business, at work and in normal day-to-day decision making and problem-solving.

Relational skills are the skills that help you to understand the relationships that can exist between any two things. For example, they can be the same as each other, or opposite, one may be more than the other, or less, and so on.

SMART teaches these basic relational skills to a very high level, so that mathematical concepts make more sense

SMART establishes the basic skills needed to remember word associations, spellings and word meaning.

SMART teaches you how to learn.

We don’t teach Math, Reading, or Logical Thinking. We teach the underlying skills so that Math, Reading and Logical Thinking come much easier.

With just 30 minutes of effort a few times per week, you can improve a range of basic intellectual skills that underlie just about everything you do in school and in everyday life.

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