The Psychologists behind RaiseYourIQ

The SMART Brain Training system was developed by Relational Frame Training Ltd. which is a National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Campus Company. Authors, Lecturers and Psychologists Dr. Bryan Roche and Dr. Sarah Cassidy developed the current SMART brain training methodology over several years across numerous laboratory studies and studies within the education system. Dr. Roche and Dr. Cassidy are still the driving force behind the company who have on-going academic and clinical research into mental performance and how to improve IQ levels across people in all age groups.

Our Team

Dr. Bryan Roche

Founder & Science Officer

Dr. Bryan Roche is a chartered psychologist, scientist and associate fellow of the British Psychological Society and has been working, researching and teaching at University level as a Professor of Psychology for 16 years in the field of behaviour analysis. He has been a prolific author of scientific research articles on human learning and his research publications have now been cited nearly 1000 times. He was co-editor of the influential book Relational Frame Theory, on which the SMART technology is based, as well as the co-editor of the follow-up text Advances in Relational Frame Theory to be published in 2013. Visit his web site at the National University of Ireland, here to peruse his academic and scientific credentials.

Dr. Sarah Cassidy

Founder & Educational Officer

Dr. Sarah Cassidy is a registered psychologist and licensed psychometrician. She has been administering psychological assessments to evaluate learning and behavioral difficulties to children as part of her private practice, and within the Irish school system for over a decade. She has extensive experience working in an educational psychology context and is trained in the use of several different therapeutic interventions for children with educational and emotional problems, including the use of behavior therapy techniques. Her doctoral research investigated relational frame training as a method for increasing intellectual ability in children. Dr. Cassidy currently runs a private clinic for assessment and treatment of children with educational and behavioral difficulties and is a part-time lecturer in educational psychology, child psychology and early childhood education at the Froebel Institute, National University of Ireland, Maynooth. She is also a professional member of the American Psychological Association and a panel member of the National Educational Psychological Service in Ireland as part of the Scheme for Commissioning of Individual Psychological Assessments (SCPA).

Our Mission

We aim to deliver the highest quality behavioral technologies to the public via the world wide web, so that children and adults everywhere can benefit educationally from behavior-analytic teaching methods usually only delivered in a clinical setting. The training we deliver online will help every individual to reach their intellectual potential and to become a contributing member of their community.